8 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Gym – Fitness Studio
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8 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Gym – Fitness Studio

There are a million different gyms out there today, all of them a little bit different. Finding the right one can really be frustrating. A good gym should fit your own unique personality, and motivate you to come back and exercise on a regular basis. When considering a particular gym, set up a tour during the time you usually exercise. But first of all think about what you want in a gym. Are you strictly there to lift weights, take aerobics classes or do you want it for the cardio equipment?

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This is obviously going to be an important factor for most people. Many people cannot afford the high priced memberships but you can always find ways to lower the cost. Gyms tend to have better deals during the high times of the year such as around New Year’s and in September when kids go back to school. Make sure you are paying for exactly what you want for that price. Note that salespeople are professionals and are trained to make you think you need things you don’t.
Another thing you want to watch out for are gyms that make you lock into your contract for 1-3 years, and there is normally no way to get out.

Location and opening hours

The gym should be easily accessible, preferably near your home, workplace or on the way between the two. Plan at what time you want to train: If a gym opens just 1 hour before your work starts, just forget about morning exercise. Tip for frequent travelers: Nationwide gyms often allow the training in all of their locations. Check for fitness locations on our map.


Many fitness studios have aligned the care and their equipment park to a specific training concept. Please clarify beforehand whether you are in good hands with your training goals. Anyone who wants to work on muscle development is at the wrong address if there is no free weights and coaches for assistance.


Ask staff to give you a free hour or even a day pass to check how full the gym is. Nothing is more annoying than queuing in front of the devices. Plan your first training at the time you want to train in the future.


You should feel comfortable in the gym, after all you will spend several hours a week there. So do ​​you like the decor? Is there background music that you can live with it? Are you already freezing at your first training?  Yes some Fitness studios even save on the heating / cooling costs.  How close are the devices? It is also important to check other members. If you are a disgusted or disgruntled clientele from the start, you should go somewhere else.

Support and staff

A professional support is especially important for  beginners. Professional trainers should provide everything necessary for training and help you at any time with advice and action.


Let’s get to the hardware, the fitness equipment. Check if there are sufficient stations available. Check for out-of-order machines and ask for the intervals at which equipment is renewed. Make sure that there are a wide variety of machines and also notice whether or not instructions and pictures are posted on the machines.


Check equipment, toilets, showers and locker room cleanliness – all of the amenities that you share with other members. Make sure that towels and spray bottles are available to wipe off the equipment after each use. Look around if there are clearly visible logs of the cleaning staff.

Hopefully this article made things a little easier for you in deciding what gym to join. Remember, think about what you need and what you are spending your money on. It is important to really feel at home with whatever gym you choose. We wish you good luck and happy searching!

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  • Burt Silver April 4, 2017 at 4:15 pm

    Thanks for the tips for choosing a gym! I have been trying to find the right gym for me and my wife, because we really want to get in better shape. I like that you mentioned that you should go to the gym and observe how crowded it is at the time you would work out. That way, you can know how many people will generally be there at that time.

    • Sportisto logo
      Sportisto September 10, 2017 at 9:05 am

      Hi Burt, I’m glad that you like the post. If you want you can create listing for Club 7 Fitness or you can contact us and we can do it for you…it’s totally free.

  • Rachel Lannister April 24, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    I absolutely loved what you said about choosing a gym or fitness club that has a similar philosophy towards health that you do. I’ve been looking for a great place where I could get in shape, and was wondering how to choose the best one. If they have a similar philosophy, I would likely feel more comfortable there and find achieving my goals easier.

    • Sportisto logo
      Sportisto September 10, 2017 at 9:10 am

      Hi Rachel, yep philosophy or type is one of the most important aspect when in search for the right gym. If you want you can create listing for The Aspen Hill Club or you can contact us and we can do it for you…it’s totally free.


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